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While we were doing research about skin care routines of women, we have bumped into the fact that many of them actually don't choose skin care products consciously. Often, advertisements promising amazing results - nicely illustrated with over-Photoshopped models, hah! - influence us way too much and we forget that we are all individuals with unique skin, needs and life style. We are not against marketing in general - we use it in the end as well - but you need to consider whether that anti-aging eye cream is really what your skin needs.
Using skin care products that are not for your needs or skin type can actually be harmful. Especially, if you have a prominent skin problem (acne, rosacea or extreme dryness, e.g.), you would need to be very conscious about what kind of products you put on your skin.

You need to personalize your skin care. How? It is actually very easy:


1. Define your skin type

In most cases, one's skin type can be put into one of these categories: normal, dry, combination, oily or sensitive. Based on some self-observing you can easily decide what skin type you have. Here is some help: Skin types.

If you are unsure about your skin type, best get a professional skin analysis - usually beauticians who use both manual and digital skin analysis are the best. We tried quite many and our favorite was Elu Cosmetics in Zürich.


Don't forget that your skin type can change with your age as well as with the season (colder weather can  result in drier skin), so keep observing and if you feel your skin is changing, adjust your skin care routine!


2. Do you have a skin concern? Don't overlook it!

If you don't suffer from any particular skin issue, we collectively envy you!! Most of us unfortunately do have one or the other skin concern that needs special attention. It can be acne, blackheads, loss of firmness, dull skin, large pores, redness or wrinkles just to mention the most common ones.
If you want to know more about them, check out our Skin Concern descriptions & fitting products.

Don't forget that if needed, dermatologist can help you find more advanced treatments for your problems, however your daily skin care routine is what will define long term results, so don't underestimate it!


3. Build a skin care routine to your lifestyle

Another complain we often hear - and also struggle with on our own - is not having enough time to even think about skin care.. let alone actually have a stable and rigorous routine. Believe us, it pays off to add that 10 min to your morning and evening prep-time!
If you have enough time or self-discipline, you can build a skin care routine which includes several steps. Korean women swear by their 10-step skin care routine (yes, they really use 10 different types of products at least once a day!), although for most of us mortal human beings it is definitely an overkill. Having a 3-4 step skin care routine


cleanse > tone  or treat> moisturize > eye care


for morning and evening is already great!


Try to follow this routine with toner in the morning:



[COSRX] Galactomyces and Centella Alcohol-Free Toners


and treatment in the evening:


 [COSRX] Propolis Light Ampule
[COSRX] Galactomyces 95, BHA Blackhead Power and AHA 7 Whitehead Power Essences
[J.One] Jelly Pack
[Yonelle] Infusion Eye Lift Serum


For those of us who suffer from acute time-constraints, travel a lot, train a lot or just have a rather crazy-busy life style, multi-taskers are a blessing! Products that can compress 2 steps in one not only saves time but also ensures that your skin gets its needed care no matter what.
No matter how crazy your life style is, what you should always do twice a day is cleansing and moisturizing.Here are our favorite multi-taskers:


[COSRX] BHA Blackhead Power Cream (exfoliating & moisturizing)


[J.One] Jelly Pack 2-steps Vita Mask (sheet mask & Jelly Pack)


[Victoria Soap] Lanolin Ägg-Tvål Facial Soap (cleanser & mask)


If you follow these three steps and build a skin care routine that fits to your skin type, concern and lifestyle, ensuring a healthy and glowing complexion will become easy-peasy. :)

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