Why curating skin care?

Why curating skin care?
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When we started to think about our business model and what kind of cosmetic products we would like to sell, we came across mostly with rather simple examples: taking any kind of skin care brands - or at most some that have a name - and simply making a fairly nice online shop and voilà! The more products are offered, the better.. Well, definitely variety of choice is great and we appreciate it too but what we were missing is insight and information to cut through the clutter. Do these people know what they sell? Did they ever check the ingredient deck? Did they ever try the products? All 10000 of them?

If you are on a hunt for a new face cream, you mostly ask people around or ask your beautician or remember those ads that caught your attention a couple of weeks ago at the drugstore and go in to check it out. If you are a die-hard beauty junkie - like we are :) -, you might hit up your favorite blogger's or Youtuber's site and check what they recommend. In a nutshell: you need information. And that from a trusted source or someone who knows what they are talking about. That's what we were missing in the online shopping sphere here! Enough information about products and their benefits, use, applicability, etc. from people who actually tried the products.

So, we turned to the idea of "curation". Curation is not something we invented, it is an existing concept you might have come across in other places like artworks, furniture, books or music. And yes, skin care as well! Especially, curating Korean skin care has become a huge trend in the past couple of years. We absolutely love K-beauty products (as you can see we immediately curated two brands from Korea)!! :) And the number of new brands, products, innovations, ingredients they come out each year is just mind-blowing.  No wonder, curating from such a vast number of products - with a ton of hidden gems we never even heard about - has become somewhat of a prestige task. Three of the most famous US companies - lead by ladies who really know what Korean beauty means - are Peach and Lily lead by Alicia Yoon, SokoGlam by Charlotte Cho and Glow Recipe from the beautiful ladies Sarah Lee and Christine Chang.


We drew our inspiration from their success and dedication as well as their way of approaching skin care. But we did not only want to replicate what they did and start yet another curated K-beauty shop. We wanted to take it to the next level.

I have been fortunate to travel around the world and have lived in several countries before. That taught me to appreciate diversity and cultural differences.


"...in diversity there is a beauty & there is strength."
Maya Angelou


I learnt that every culture has its own beauty rituals with traditional ingredients, methods, beliefs from where local companies draw inspiration from to create outstanding skin care products. These are the companies and products we are looking for! Those with philosophy, innovation, quality and constant development behind the brand name. We want to curate outstanding products from outstanding companies from all over the world.
Why? Because we all have different needs, different life style and norms that dictate how we see the world around us as well as what we wear, how we talk, whom we chose as friends and what kind of products we consume. What we want with The Curated Skin is to enable you to choose the best skin care products for yourself. We want to give you a variety of unique products as well as insights because we tried every single product and formed our own opinion that is not driven by profit or endorsement by brands but our love for outstanding skin care. Our opinion and experience are only the first steps. Share yours with us because it is what helps us become better in curating the next great products for you and helps others to make their decision when it comes to finding the best skin care products for themselves.

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